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Gary at the Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp. - 11:16 am, 9th Apr 2014

Here's a couple of superb videos of Gary at the Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp.

The first is with him singing 'Grinder' with Rob Halford.

While the 2nd video sees him rockin' out 'Silent Lucidity' with Geoff Tate.

What we all want to know now Gary is...when's your solo album coming out!?

Happy Birthday Gary. - 5:09 pm, 28th Feb 2014

Internet woes stopped me from putting this up yesterday, but I'm sure you would all like to join me in wishing Gary a VERY Happy Birthday.

Hope you had a fantastic day Gary, and we'll all raise a glass (or 2) to you.


Something a little different... - 5:59 pm, 7th Feb 2014

From Gary:

For those people who just think I am some kind of murderous gore hound, splashing fake blood wherever I may roam..and for my Father who is always begging me to 'do something nice' with my 'abilities' (I'm still embarrassed to even write that I have abilities)

Last year during one of my busiest times in the midst of running all over the place the gracious and uber talented Miyo Nakamura asked if I would paint a piece of art I had seen her sculpting (and I had taken interest in) that she wanted to exhibit at an upcoming show...of course she asked when I was absolutely SLAMMED but how could I say No?

"Bring one for me (as a payment of sorts) and one for you primered and ready to paint and I'll do what I can!" and so on a Saturday afternoon (I think it was a Saturday??) she turned up with all these white primed pieces, apologizing she was a late and beaming that smile she always has and that is always a pleasure to see.

I didn't get as long as I would have liked and there are things about it that I would change now...but for about 5 hours of work I think its pretty nice and pretty clean and I was particularly happy with the choice of colors I made and some of the translucency I was able to bring to a flat white piece of resin (especially the tentacles)

Here then...a few un blood spattered pictures of something 'nice' sculpted by the incredibly talented Miyo Nakamura and Painted (and hopefully not ruined) by yours truly.



The Wedding Ringer - 11:41 am, 31st Jan 2014

From Gary:

In honor of the Superbowl this Sunday...here is an 'on set' picture from 'The Wedding Ringer' - a VERY funny comedy starring Josh (Frozen) Gadd, Kaley (Big Bang Theory) Kuoco and Kevin Hart due out next year...here I am with Football Legend Joe Namath and the hilarious Coach Mark Ellis, amazing football co-ordinator who people might recognize from his on screen yelling in 'Any Given Sunday' ("Beaman - You've got your play card upside down!") and 'The Replacements' ( "the one girl just slapped the other girl on the ass!")

Two great guys and a fun film to be a part of!

Go Denver this weekend!!!


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Pinhead Makeup
Gary applying 'Pinhead' makeup.
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